Cambridge Valley Cycling currently has about 100 members, with a span of ages from 15 to 80, and with abilities ranging from recreational beginners to competitive near-pros! You are welcome to join us for a ride or two without becoming a member, but we do ask that you sign a waiver of liability. We hope you'll give us a try, and that you'll want to join with us to further cycling in and around the Cambridge area.  

Early spring of 2004 found some of us getting our bikes out, pumping up our tires, but wanting more. And so, a group of people got together who love cycling and the beautiful rides in this area, and Cambridge Valley Cycling was started. We rode separately, we rode together, we rode in the early morning. During scheduled group rides, wonderful things happened: we learned from each other, we supported and encouraged each other, and we realized we were riding better.

Whatever your ability level and experience, we'd like you to take part in the group rides and the good fellowship of a group of friends and neighbors, brought together by a love of cycling and a desire to share our enthusiasm with others.